Encore Class! Libby Campo of Your Inner Yogi in Memphis, TN Thursday, August 13 at 5 pm MST
Encore Class! Libby Campo of Your Inner Yogi in Memphis, TN Thursday, August 13 at 5 pm MST

WHY NOW podcast

If you’re looking for ways to decompress while discovering fresh perspectives on yoga and wellness, tune into our new bi-weekly podcast and hear from yogis from around the country of all intersections as we chat about self-care, social justice, relationships, embodied practices, and more. Why NOW promises raw, authentic, and unapologetic conversation.

The Why NOW podcast is sponsored by NOW as part of Yoga Journal’s Live Be Yoga Tour

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Trauma-Informed Care with Hala Khouri

In this episode of Why Now, Monica and Cameron speak with Hala Khouri, a trauma-informed yoga teacher and co-founder of Off The Mat, Into The World, to discuss trauma-informed care and somatic practices we can implement in our daily lives.

Healing Tools for Collective Liberation

In this episode, Cameron and Monica sit down to talk about healing in the midst of uncertainty. They discuss the concept of sacred activism, share some tools for self-regulation, and offer some tips for finding time to decompress in your daily practice.

Twin Flame Relationships with Lena Franklin

In this episode, we speak with Lena Franklin, an Atlanta-based psychotherapist and meditation teacher. Lena's work intersects Buddhist philosophy, transpersonal psychology, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga philosophy. We'll be talking with Lena about twin flame relationships, the middle path, and how to attract the person you're looking to bring into your life through mindfulness practices.

Meet Your Why NOW Hosts

Your hosts are Monica Cadena—a chronic workaholic turned Yoga Nidra facilitator—and Cameron Allen—a football jock who found peace on the mat. Hear how Monica and Allen—also Yoga Journal’s 2020 Live Be Yoga Ambassadors—started their yoga practices and what decompression means to them.

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