Live Be Yoga After Dark—New Nightly Rituals every week day during October!
Live Be Yoga After Dark—New Nightly Rituals every week day during October!

Running Can Be Meditative

Live Be Yoga Ambassador Monica Cadena discusses why she runs and what she does to prepare for a training run.

Monica Cadena

July 21, 2020

For Monica Cadena, running is meditative—it’s about being in the moment. Here’s how she taps into her energy source and go just a little bit further. 

This year, Yoga Journal’s annual ambassador road trip—the Live Be Yoga Tour—is going virtual. We are calling it The Decompression. Recently, we’ve all been asked to journey inward, to take moments of pause and stillness, and to slow down, rest, and prioritize the things we value. Follow the Live Be Yoga 2020 series here, stay connected with us at @livebeyoga on social, and join the movement to find beauty in stillness.

By Monica Cadena

Outside of her work as a writer and social media manager for Yoga Journal, Monica Cadena is an Afro-Latinx California based artist, writer, yogi, movement worker, digital alchemist, and the co-founder of Black Healers Connect, a digital and in person community for healers of the diaspora. She’s the co-creator of the podcast Healing for the Culture, alongside Heather Archer, and is the former co-founder of Wear Your Voice Magazine, an intersectional feminist digital publication with recent investment by serial investor Mark Cuban. The social media and marketing director at Off the Mat Into the World, Monica’s passionate about highlighting stories from those at the intersections of healing and social justice activism. Connect with her on Instagram at sacred.alchemist.

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