Coming Soon! 2021 Live Be Yoga Experience - this year's theme is SPARK JOY!
Coming Soon! 2021 Live Be Yoga Experience - this year's theme is SPARK JOY!

A Sequence to Create and Hold Space

As we continue with social distancing to protect ourselves and others during a pandemic, we have become more aware with this idea of “taking up space” in the world. This sequence is designed to help you safely inhabit both internal and external space.

Cameron Allen

July 31, 2020

How does your physical body feel in the space you are in at the present moment? Do you feel as if you can truly take up space where you are in this current moment?

Taking up space has become a popular topic in the last few months. Whether it’s because of social distancing measures or an increased focus on including more voices from the BIPOC community in the national conversation, taking up space looks radically different than before. I’ve been practicing this breath-focused sequence in order to center and prepare myself before I hold space out in the world. Before and during each pose, take a deep inhale and exhale to find more spaciousness within and without. 

Live Be Yoga Ambassador Cameron Allen

By Cameron Allen

Cameron Allen began his path to understanding mind-body awareness with a degree in health and sports science and psychology. Seeing that there was more to know outside of the colonized education system, he began seeking understanding through direct experience with nature, astrology, herbalism, yoga, rootwork, and other indigenous modalities.

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